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How will the 2022 midterm elections affect abortion rights in the US?

It was a difficult year for abortion as in June the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade , laying the groundwork for abortion Base. Reproductive rights will be challenged in all 50 states. With the 2022 midterm election results looming, things could get tougher for abortion seekers in some states, even as others try to enshrine abortion rights in their state constitutions . Below, see the 5 states where the interim results will have the greatest impact on abortion rights.


This historically red state is in Lo already affected by abortion trigger laws, anti-abortion activists have proposed a ballot measure that says nothing in the nation’s constitution protects the right to abortion; the measure would be used to challenge the ACLU’s forthcoming proposal The legal arguments aimed at protecting abortion rights within the state’s constitution. The ballot measure, Amendment 2, was called a massive misinformation campaign by pro-choice opponents.


Michigan voters may repeal a 1931 era anti-abortion laws that provide zero exceptions for rape or incest cases would constitute a major issue of reproductive rights in states in the postRomane era victory.


Legal issues of personality – as it relates to fetal viability — Again in Montana, voters will decide on a law declaring embryos or fetuses the legal person entitled to medical care if they are born prematurely or survive an attempted miscarriage. This “born to be” law carries a maximum 20 year in prison and a criminal penalty of up to $50 , fines for any paramedic who does not attempt to save a “born baby” or fetus.


This Election Day, Californians will have the option to introduce amendments to make abortion and contraception The right to be written into the state constitution, proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this year, would make the state one of the most progressive states in the country on abortion rights.


An amendment to the Vermont Constitution establishing “individual reproductive autonomy” is underway 2022 Introduced to voters in midterm ballots; if passed, the amendments would read: “The individual’s personal reproductive autonomy is central to the freedom and dignity that determines the course of one’s own life, unless required by law. , otherwise the refusal or violation of ss’s compelling national interests by the least restrictive means shall not be justified.”



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