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How 'Yellow Jacket' star Sophie Thatcher is getting ready for her first Emmy

This may be Sophie Thatcher’s first Emmy, but the actor’s presence on the red carpet feels essential, in the glamorous A unique whirlpool appears in the river. Like her in-the-dark and addictive character The Yellow Jacket , Thatcher’s style has a fringe, a mix of eye pretty and jagged punk, infused with With every look, the juxtaposition makes it stronger. Thatcher and her glam team met at her boyfriend’s house in Sherman Oaks, combining their unique visions for an equally distinctive look.

To match Thatcher’s dove-grey Dior dress, makeup artist Rob Rumsey opted for a fusion era inspo: 1920 and 079, plus rock’s halo roll. “She always wears this look, but it never wears her, and I love it,” said Rumsey, who used Dior’s in 079 Black Bow The 5 Couleurs Couture Palette achieves the eye moment centered on the silver edge of the matte black liner. Plus, the pink Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush offers a warm note that extends to Thatcher’s painted pout (she’s in 414 Jungle and Dior Addict) Dior Contour lip pencils are available in Stellar Ultra Dior’s gloss on the runway).

As for Thatcher’s choppy hairstyle, hairstylist Sully Layo prepped the length with Uberliss’ Bond Healing Leave-In Spray and opted to add extra extras current hairstyle. “We used some extensions to get a fuller 1920 bob look instead of my natural mullet hairstyle,” says Thatcher. Layo customised the above extension using a straight razor cut to ensure the style is fresh and modern while paying homage to vintage glamour.

The result was a scene-stealing Emmy debut, befitting Thatcher’s personal Style, which, like her career, requires constant attention. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at how Thatcher prepared for the 2022 Emmys.



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