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Hoyeon on K-Beauty, Red Hair, and the Top Dermatologist Tips She Swears By

Regarding zodiac signs

I am actually a Cancer and the only impression I have of Cancer is that they are described as pacifists, very peace loving. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of horoscopes, but this is one thing I remember and hold on to from my personal horoscope.

About her skincare routine

My favorite skincare product for night, day, and travel is Lancôme Advanced Genefique Serum. I use a cotton swab to smooth my skin first with a toner, then a serum, then a face cream, and finally an eye cream. Of all these phases, serums are the most important to me because that’s when you can really hydrate your skin. Toners smooth the skin, serums moisturize, and creams create a protective wall.

On K-Beauty

When we talk about anti-aging in Korea and how to prevent wrinkles, one of the tips I got from Korea I’ve heard a lot from makeup artists that you should be using a sheet mask every day. We talk a lot about sheet masks in Korea! [In Korea] there’s definitely more focus on skincare than makeup, and we’re really into home care. It’s about making sure you focus on your skin texture and take care of the basics in your skincare routine.

about her favorite workout

I have been doing Pilates for eight years. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s a core-focused workout. As an actor and a model, it’s very important to me to have good posture and stand up well, and to do that you need to focus on your core muscles. I was drawn to it because it deals with the core issues in a very detailed way. I have relatively long legs and arms and when your body is like that it’s bound to be stiffer because you don’t stretch as much – Pilates is a great way to increase your flexibility and get fully stretched .



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