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Huawei confirms Mate 50 phone will have variable aperture camera

Ahead of the September 6 launch, Huawei has officially confirmed one of the most interesting rumors about the upcoming Mate 50 series – These phones will have variable apertures on their cameras (presumably only the main camera).

Almost all phones these days have a fixed aperture, with very few exceptions, even those that usually switch between the two settings. Huawei has been vague, but rumor has it that these phones will be able to dial in apertures smoothly between f/1.4 and f/4.

This will allow the user to control the depth of field (the higher the f-number, the deeper the depth of field), but It also allows the camera to slow down the shutter speed picture without exposing the light. The high shutter speeds your phone uses during the day don’t always look good, especially when recording video.

Stick to unofficial information, leaker Digital Chat Station reports Huawei Mate 50 Quad Camera Setup for Pro: MP Main (IMX766, 1/1.5”), MP Ultra Wide( IMX688), 50 MP B&W (IMX688) and 64MP 3.5x Periscope(OV64B , 1/2”).

Camera will rely on Huawei Internal XMAGE technology for image processing will include a HiSilicon NPU (the phone is expected to use Qualcomm’s latest 4G version of the flagship chipset).

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