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Huawei's HarmonyOS to power Volkswagen in China

According to the Financial Times , Volkswagen is in talks with Huawei to introduce HarmonyOS to its cars sold in China. Given Chinese consumers’ strong preference for homegrown technology and VW’s software problems, it makes more sense for VW to seek a partnership with Huawei. Instead, Seres dropped HarmonyOS for Android Auto for its cars sold in Europe.

The new VW ID.7 interior NEW VW ID.7 INTERIOR

Interestingly, one of the sources said that Volkswagen did not limit its options to only Huawei. The German automaker is reportedly looking for a long-term partner in China in general, but Huawei appears to be at the top of the list with its push into the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

Volkswagen’s software is often seen as lagging behind other EV rivals, especially in China, where the EV market is booming and highly competitive. Even Huawei is now competing domestically with its own auto brands.




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