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Hulu Snags Prisoner’s Dilemma-Esque Competition ‘Got to Get Out’

Hulu is jumping into the competition-series game with a series that will put people in a house and pit them against one another for a big cash prize.

Big Brother? Nope. The Traitors? Also no. The Disney-run streamer has ordered Got to Get Out, a competition show/”social experiment” with echoes of the prisoner’s dilemma — the thought experiment where people can work together for mutual benefit or go solo for a potentially greater reward. The show comes from creator Glenn Hugill and the U.K. arm of Jimmy Kimmel and Brent Montgomery’s company, Wheelhouse. A premiere date hasn’t been set.

Got to Get Out will feature contestants living in a mansion for 10 days, with a pool of prize money rising by $1 every second (there are 864,000 seconds in 10 days). The players will also work together on challenges to increase the prize money up to $1 million. They can stick together and split the money at the end — or try to take the entire pot alone.

There’s a catch, of course: “At various times, both day and night, the gate will open and a getaway car will arrive, presenting an opportunity for cast members to betray their comrades and make off with the cash,” the show’s description reads. “However, competitors can block each other’s run for the money via a red button that immediately closes the gate. Temptations, including secret escape intel, taunt players at every turn, upending strategies and threatening allegiances.”

Hugill is the head of Wheelhouse’s U.K. arm. The one-time Coronation Street actor has executive produced the British versions of Deal or No Deal (he was also its presenter) and Beauty and the Geek, Channel 5’s Puzzling and TBS’ Rat in the Kitchen.

Wheelhouse’s Spoke Studios is producing the series. Montgomery, Ed Simpson, Hugill, Pam Healey and Liz Fine are executive producers, and Charles Wachter will serve as EP and showrunner.



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