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Hunter Schafer’s Stylist On the Star’s Theatrical Press Tour

Schafer’s latest Marni look certainly is a captivating one. The dress was made of upcycled, hand-painted metal flowers, which were applied onto a floral-printed poplin base. “This Marni dress is really special. It looks like it’s covered in stickers and is growing a bouquet of wire and foil flowers,” says Allen. “I love that, while it has all this unhinged decoration, the silhouette underneath is super simple and sweet. It’s been important for us to balance pulling a stunt with a chic effortlessness.” Compared to the previous looks Schafer has worn—like her silver Alexander McQueen look just earlier this week—Allen also admired how the Marni creation was shorter and sweeter. “It felt good for a smaller screening like New York to do something that felt more fun and light to close off the tour,” says Allen. “We loved winking towards Effie Trinket and the iconic look of the Capitol in the original movies for the final premiere.”

While we personally are sad for Schafer and Allen’s fashion serves to be coming to an end—for now—the duo concluded their whirlwind press tour on an upbeat note. When Allen first dressed Schafer in the Marni dress, the stylist says the actor instantly beamed. “As soon as I pulled the zipper up, it was undeniable: Hunter immediately lit up and got so excited,” says Allen. “Once we had her dressed in New York with the full hair and makeup, she kept bouncing around making the metal flowers clink together.” A stunning fashion moment that’s also fun to wear? A total win-win.



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