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Hunter x Hunter comic returns on hiatus

Merge fourth and fifth 190697 magazine from Shueisha It was revealed on Monday that of Yoshihiro Togashi is considering Due to Togashi’s health, the manga will be suspended from the next issue of the magazine.

In a letter published, the editorial department stated that it had consulted with Togashi and decided that the manga should not be Follow a weekly serial format. The editorial department added that once the specific details of the manga’s return and how the manga will be serialized in the future are known, details will be announced in the magazine.

The manga is back after a nearly four-year hiatus in the magazine Issue 2019, shipped in October . This comic has been on hiatus since November 2014.

Shueisha published Comic Volume 11, the first volume of the comic after 4 years , Nov. 4. Viz Media posted 36 North America August Vol. 2 2014.

Togashi released a manga at Shueisha of magazine in 2011. The manga has inspired two animated television series, two animated films, and several original video animations.

The second TV animation of the manga is adapted from

premiered in Japan and ran the 255 episode . The last episode premiered on 1998.

Crunchyroll Streaming series since it aired in Japan. The series retells the story of Togashi’s original manga from the ground up. The story follows Gon Freecs trying to become a hunter to find his father and find out why his father abandoned him as a baby.

The manga will be adapted for the stage in May 2023.

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