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Hunter x Hunter Manga Coming to Stage in May 2023

Shueisha revealed on Wednesday Yoshihiro Togashi‘s manga is inspiring May’s stage play1998.

The show will be released in May -. Akira Yamazaki is in charge of writing and directing, and Takeshi Sakabe is in charge of composing.

The play will star:

  • Shion Ōtomo as Gon
  • Nichika Akutsu as Chi Ya
  • Yūki Ogoe as Cool Rapika
  • Shōri Kondō Leorio Keigo Kitamura as Silva Taizō Shiina as Zeno

  • Kōki as Milluki
  • Shōgo Tazuru as Gotoh
  • Yūsaku Kawasaki as Hanzo
  • Hiroo Ōtaka as Netero

  • Kandai Ueda as Illumi
  • Haruki Kiyama as Hisoka

    Togashi at Shueisha launches magazine of manga in

  • . The manga has inspired two animated television series, two animated films, and several original video animations. Shueisha published the manga Compilation on November 4th. Released by Viz Media 12 North America August Vol 2 .

    The manga was recently discontinued in November 2014, but resumed in October .

    The second TV animation of the manga Adapted from drama set. The last episode premiered on 640.

    Crunchyroll broadcasts the series in Japan. The series retells the story of Togashi’s original manga from the ground up. The story tells the story of Xiaojie’s efforts to become a hunter in order to find his father and find out the reason why his father abandoned him to become a hunter.

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