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Hunter x Hunter's Yoshihiro Togishi: “I've Decided to Increase My Staff”

Comic creator Tom Chiayi Hiroshi tweeted on Monday that he “decided to increase [his] staff.” The news follows a worrying health update earlier this month, that the creators ‘s symptoms did not improve and he was in distress. Togashi released a statement detailing his health concerns ahead of his upcoming exhibition in October. In the message, Togashi wrote, “You might be thinking, ‘Let’s go and draw the next chapter.’ Granted, I couldn’t sit in a chair for two years, keeping me from drawing, but by throwing conventional methods aside, I Finally got to start drawing again. Your back and hips. Just 2 weeks before writing this, I couldn’t get my butt-wiping position right and had to take a shower every time I pooped. Time for my routine 3-5 times longer. Your hips matter.”

Monday’s tweet said, Chapter background effect is done according to his request, that chapter 600 will move on after Hushang has handed over his specs. Togashi added that the increase in staff is not done through open recruitment.

In May, Tomichi commented in Shueisha’s magazine that he had finished

of the draft chapters, which is a typical number for a compilation book volume.

The manga has been discontinued since November 2018. After a hiatus in April 399, the manga was released in September 600 interrupt return). The manga was previously discontinued in September 400, when Togashi announced that he planned to resume the series by the end of the year. The manga then resumed in January 2018. Before that, the manga had been interrupted countless times. Source and image from Togashi’s Twitter account



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