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Hyesan Chang Resort 2024

Zhang Huishan hopes to influence his design through movies. In the case of this resort collection, the designer took inspiration from Eileen Chang’s Red Rose, White Rose, a 1944 novella The most outstanding writer of modern Chinese literature. “I like to start a series by referencing something romantic, and I think this particular story shares a beautiful way of portraying two different sides of a woman,” Zhang said in a preview. “Red is for fiery passion, while white is for classic elegance. However, it is equally important to me to celebrate the entire spectrum that exists between the two.”

Rose Theme The details can be found throughout the collection, from decorative boutonnieres on Lurex tweed jackets and V-neck shift dresses with soft velvet chain trim, embroidered lace with floral motifs, then cut into trench coats and hanging skirts midi dress. For a lighter effect, Zhang used cloud patterns to create rose-shaped mini dresses. These delicate pieces have wire edges that allow the wearer to shape the flower into the silhouette they want.

Zhang experimented with materials other than the ostrich-feather tulle he’s used in the past, sequins and embroidered crinkled satin, pieces that perpetuate the label’s ultra-feminine aesthetic. “Historically, people have come to us for our feathered pieces, so we wanted to push the boundaries of what else we could offer,” he said.

While Huishan Zhang is known for his glamorous eveningwear, the designer is determined to elevate his daywear offerings. By combining embellished denim, delicate cotton lace and cashmere knits, Zhang demonstrated his ability to weave everyday pieces with a language of luxury.




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