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I Absolutely Need to Own Some of North West’s Art

North West’s latest.

Photo: @kimkardashian

I’ve always been a fan of the novelty celebrity item, as you’d likely be able to tell from the souvenir jar of Vincent Pastore-brand tomato sauce from the 2019 Sopranos convention in my pantry, or my limited-edition set of pastel pink Paris Hilton-brand cookware. (I pride myself on keeping a tasteful home.) However, now that I’ve laid eyes on North West’s newest painting, I know in my heart that my collection is incomplete.

Proud mom Kim Kardashian posted budding artist North’s latest creation to Instagram this week, having previously pointed it out in her Vogue house tour, and once again, I’m freaked out by how good this 10-year-old is.

Not only do I genuinely like the color scheme and composition of her beach scene (very sunset-in-Barbieland!), but I’m also recalling all the bug-eyed stick figures and weirdly lumpy clay pots that I made at summer camp at North’s age. Listen, I’m sure my mom genuinely loved my inexpertly woven lanyards, but I don’t think other adults would have necessarily paid money for them—whereas I’m here to unabashedly state that I would buy this if it came up at, say, the SAG-AFTRA Entertainment Community Fund celebrity auction. I mean, if you came over and saw a genuine North West sunset hanging on my living room wall, you would tell everyone about it forever, and that’s the home-decor effect I’m going for.



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