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I braved a New York pop-up “Sex and the City” experience.this is what i found

Sequins start about three blocks away. Primarily seen on skirts, but also on blazers, belts, bags, barrettes, cowboy boots and sandals with butterfly-shaped straps. Passers-by dressed in black — many wearing face masks because of New York City’s noxious smog — looked up in bewilderment. Where are these people going?

One place, one place: “Like that…it’s been 30 Year: A Sex and the City Experience.”

This week, Sex and the City, HBO’s iconic show about four single 30 women in New York City who turn . To mark the occasion, Max announced the installation of an interactive and immersive installation in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood to celebrate the show and its spinoff And Just Like That. Magenta Stripe’s website advertises that guests can take photos at Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, sample Cosmopolitans and view some of the most famous outfits ever created by costume designer Patricia Field. “Bring your best friend and get ready for a nostalgic, memorable and stylish experience!” it advertises. Tickets sold out quickly.

Because the Vogue writer couldn’t help but wonder what it would all be like, on Thursday morning, I combed I combed my hair, put on some lip gloss, and went out to check.


Upon arriving at 477 Broadway, I waited in line for a few minutes, surrounded by sequins and tulle, florals, rhinestones, and lots of pink that I had seen on the block before. When I finally reached the front, a cheerful lady with a clipboard checked me in. I was impressed by her enthusiasm – she must have been on her feet all morning, walking around in the city’s polluted air as she argued one hellish line. (I, for one, are far Non hearty.) Inside, more of the crew spoke to me with a different eagerness than you get at Disney World. In a way, that’s the place: an adult theme park whose Mickey Mouse is a sex columnist-turned-podcast.


when she When I finally walked away, I wondered if I hadn’t lived up to her expectations of a Vogue writer – Carrie Bradshaw herself, in fact, helped set the scene: We wore strappy heels all the time , have been shopping at Bergdorf’s and it has always been great. That’s the type of woman celebrated here, a character who wears designer clothes from head to toe, has complete disregard for contributions to her 477k, and is married to an emotional millionaire, He made a sweeping declaration of love for her in Paris.


But I immediately regretted it. Everyone around me is toasting the universe, and Duchenne is smiling brightly in stilettos. They deserve nonstop hilarity, an afternoon of indulgent (and Instagram-friendly) nostalgia, not my grumpy cynicism.




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