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I Braved the Skirt Over Pants Trend This Week

The last time I wore a skirt over pants I was in elementary school, when I rocked a skort over leggings and bootcut jeans under an Old Navy skirt (also probably at the same time as a tank top over a long-sleeve). Ever since then, though, the style has become socially verboten. 

Until recently, the most relevant fan of the look was Juno MacGuff, the plucky pregnant teen from Diablo Cody’s 2007 film Juno, who wore it as makeshift maternity wear. But, like all trends, pants once again began appearing under skirts and dresses. 

Collina Strada has been one of the most vocal proponents of the trend, consistently sending it down the runway since at least spring 2022. Hillary Taymour, the brand’s creative director, has personally rocked the look, taking her post-show bow at this past New York Fashion Week in a multicolored lace slip skirt over a pair of plaid pants. Chopova Lowena, Sandy Liang, and Palomo Spain also offered their version of the controversial style this season, only furthering its legitimacy. 

It’s not just the fashion world that’s taken a pro stance in the return of the layered bottoms. Celebrities are also giving it a go. A$AP Rocky arrived on the 2023 Met Gala red carpet in a kilt over jeans, and in July Shakira rocked a monochromatic version at the Fendi couture show.

So, I decided to test drive the trend for myself. I dedicated three days this week to wearing pants under my skirts and dresses. See how it went below.

Day 1

Courtesy of Hannah Jackson



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