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I just live for Lana Del Rey's shenanigans

Waffle House patrons in Florence, Alabama were treated to a delightful treat last week because their server was none other than Lana Del Rey — you know, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. A video shows the singer wearing a traditional uniform (with her own name tag and all!) while serving some customers behind the counter. She even sang “Amazing Grace” to a lucky table. Yet the

reason of Lana clocking in at the waffle parlor to hand out breakfast and coffee is unclear; she just showed up one day, like a mirage.

I am obsessed with .

This isn’t the first time Lana has run amok. This month, the star was spotted sharing e-cigarettes with a fan in a parking lot. Signed a giant poster for another guy in a different car park; and got manicures done at a random salon in Birmingham. Lana manages to be everywhere

at the same time — so much so that fans even joke that she’s the pizza delivery DoorDasher.

Personally, I’m obsessed with the way she’s approached celebrity status this summer—it’s so unfussy and carefree. She seems to really appreciate unplanned interactions with fans (and rarely sees bodyguards). She’s – as the Gen Z kids would say – so real . This also applies to her full-scale concerts. Remember when she dropped her e-cigarette at a show in Brazil and asked the audience to tell her if she found it? Or when she was late at Glastonbury because she spent too much time on her hair? “I was too late and they might cut my show,” she said on stage. “Sorry it took so long to get my hair done. If they cut the power, we’ll move on.” (And they did — she sang her hit “Video Games” a cappella with the audience as she was taken offstage.)

In short: Nobody does celebrity entertainment better right now. Week after week, you have no idea what Lana will do—where she will manifest—or what she will say. Isn’t this the fun of being a star? Plus, with red carpet appearances and most interviews off the table due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, I’m desperate for interesting celebrity content, and Lana is filling that void in a genius (and slightly unhinged) way. And, let’s face it, she owes me joy considering how much time I’ve spent crying over her superb latest album You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Drive .



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