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I love a man with a V neck

I Love a Man in a VneckI Love a Man in a Vneck

Image: Courtesy of Everett Collection

I Love a Man in a Vneck

There are many widely used Menswear to understand is outrageous: square-toed shoes, wallet chains, fedoras, and more. I can understand people’s cringe reaction to some of these looks, but I’ve always had an affinity for one on the bad trend list – the V-neck. Cuts are often considered tacky; who wants to see cleavage on a man? Its T-shirt form is reminiscent of


. Look online for “Can men wear V-necks” and there are dozens of topics addressing the question, ranging from “How do men wear V-necks?” to “Do girls find V-necks attractive?” and “If so, men When should I wear a V-neck T-shirt?”

Image: Courtesy of Everett Collection

I Love a Man in a Vneck

I Love a Man in a Vneck I think there is room for discussion. In the sweater style, it is buttoned inside so that the collar opens neatly over the angular neckline. Be prepared for the best. But it is best to wear it alone. The other day, my fellow fashion writer André-Naquian Wheeler walked into work wearing a cozy grey Filippa KV with nothing underneath. “To me, a V-neck feels like a super refined and tasteful way to show off your skin. The collarbone is a body part that’s so underrated and overcovered,” he says. “Sure, a V-neck might give off a ‘cigar-smoking dad dating at a country club’, but I kind of like it.”

BASIC INSTINCT Michael Douglas 1992. © TriStar courtesy Everett Collection

He’s right; this piece is surprisingly sexy without showing

that a lot of. The V-cut is just a slice of the chest that exposes the area so close to the heart. Whenever people bring up their instinctive reactions, I’m reminded of what police detective Nick Curran wore in I Love a Man in a Vneck Basic Instinct The top,

played by Michael Douglas. Part of Curran’s sensuality has to do with his green sweater – you guessed it – V-neck cut and dagger-sharp stab to the sternum. (ice axe, anyone?)

I Love a Man in a Vneck

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