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I Spent 7 Hours at World Spa Brooklyn, a New 50,000 Square Foot Wellness Oasis

4: pm calm down after sitting yoga, You can: (a) splash ice cubes in your face, (b) pull a rope to release a flood of icy water, (c) enter a glass-encased snow room where the ski resort’s machines whip up mounds of fresh powder, or ( d) Immerse in a pool of cold water. Khanin loves the pool, but says, “Hipsters do it too much. They’re like, ‘Yay! It’s anti-inflammatory,’ but it’s like, guys…” Three minutes at most.

4: 15 pm in the Himalayan salt chamber , the light-permeable walls made of three international salts (Siberian, Himalayan and Polish) include panels from the microclimate of the thousand-year-old Wieliczka Salt Mine. On a bed of pink salt crystals, lounge chairs are lined up in the purifying breeze of a medical-grade salt generator. Inhaling nebulized salt reduces inflammation, increases serotonin, and boosts immunity—related to negative ions and osmolarity. A guest in a Speedo rang the gong hanging by the door.

Himalayan Salt Room

Photo: Brian Berkowitz

4pm Before the Clay & Hay Sauna, Khanin grabs a tablet. “Music is crucial,” he says, playing what he calls a “cult-y and Nordic” intense ambient soundtrack. The space is dark and womb-like, with thick adobe walls reminiscent of Central American sweat lodges. Over drumbeats, Khanin says we’ve traveled back thousands of years to a time when sweat lodges were used to cleanse body and soul. He wanted it to feel spiritual. He wants to train employees to recite poems.




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