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'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' Director on Why She 'Trys Hard' to Join Biopic 'Sweetest Kiss'

Kasi Lemmons says she joins Whitney Houston Early relationship with childhood friend and ex creative director Robin “for” Robyn Crawford to Star in Late Singer’s Biopic I Wanna Dance With Somebody .

Will the film, which is backed by Houston’s family and estate and music producer Clive Davis, feature the duo? The romance between the groups featured was a near-constant topic leading to speculation about its release. Davis confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter during the premiere It will “tell you about her sexual orientation,” later with Extra shared the film to set the record straight and describe “they did have a year-long teenage relationship”.

“There are so many articles…trying to trace her obsession with being a depressed lesbian, or never dating a man before Bobby, all of which are Totally inaccurate,” he added.

This is a relationship I Wanna Dance With Somebody director Kasi Lemmons recently told LA TIMES — On Interview with Stars Naomi Ackie and Nafessa Williams — at She has to navigate with great care when dealing with the estate. That means she didn’t contact Crawford directly, but instead relied on accounts from people who knew the two women, as well as Crawford’s song for you: Me and Whitney Life in Houston , to portray a “deep and important” connection.

“I wanted to, but I didn’t,” said Lemons, who told the media she knew Crawford had a difficult relationship with the estate. “Because I’m dealing with estates, I’m careful. People’s feelings have to be considered.”

In her 1235285048 In her memoir, Crawford confirms her relationship with Houston, writing that although they wanted to be together, “she said we should no longer have physical contact because it would make our journey more difficult. Difficult.”

This is a 1235281853 relationship that goes beyond the romantic framework , Explores the duo’s teenage friendship and eventual professional work. The Houston estate had agreed to include Lemmons before joining the project, which was originally helmed by executive producer Stella Meghie, who has since left as director.

But the kiss itself, which took place between the two men, required further negotiation, Lemmons said. “I said, ‘Well, presumably they kissed. We can really speculate that there was a romance there,'” she explained. “I think we all know that at one point, it wasn’t just friendship.”

“It was the sweetest kiss. It was like a first kiss, very romantic ,” Lemons added, adding that the film ultimately encompasses physical affection between the two women. “I’m fighting for it.”

And the Lemmons want to be there for that moment in I Wanna Dance With Somebody And Fighting, the stars who portrayed the two women—Ackie as Houston, Williams as Crawford—didn’t want to put a label on what the two had.

“I’ve had people ask me about labels, and I’m not willing to answer that question for any of them because they don’t have labels on them,” Williams told Los Angeles Times . “I think they’re soul mates.”

Relationships don’t do it by themselves,” Ackie added. “It’s always been the energy, like the love we have for each other beyond words to express. That’s a joy to create. “




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