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I want what they have: Ben Platt and Noah Calvin

Love It’s a wonderful thing, especially when you’re staring at it from the outside. In this

column , We’ll examine celebrity couples who have given us hope for our romantic futures and try to learn what we can do from their well-documented relationships.

This column usually revolves around my longing for something about celebrity relationships, I don‡t Yes, whatever it is s Ben and Jens mutual Dunkin obsession or Rihanna and A$AP Rocky the ability to coordinate taking nude pregnancy photos and making them look like the most classic thing ever.

However, when it comes to the years-long relationship between actors Ben Platt and Noah Calvin, I ; I’m so confused, so am I, finally getting into a lovely Queer relationships (bragging), no longer forced to resent living hell l from every happy LGBTQ+ individual on the planet. However, I find myself jealous of them – why? Is it because they are Dear Evan Hansen

I mean, you can ; don’t buy the kind that meets cuteness. (Me and my partner met on Twitter with no offense, it’s a great way to start a relationship, but yes, I would rather we locked our eyes on stage while at the company spin-off the role of gender-blind Bobby. )

As if the way Pratt and Calvin met was not sweet enough, they insist on being very cute to each other, as Platt says in Out magazine interviewed that Calvin “has a very unique ability to help me…be present where I am and make life happen every day It’s so wonderful I don’t want to pay for it.” Cry!

It turns out that Pratt and Galvin were friends for five years before they started dating, Paid my dear Evan Hansen to meet lovely narrative (but most likely makes their bond stronger as we Everyone knows that the best relationship is you Be friends first relationship – look at Ross and Rachel!). The two spent their childhood with Pratt’s parents 2021; Quarantine home, this is the best relationship stress test I can think of, they seem to be still in love, so hats off!

So much love Pratt and Galvin as a couple, but when I see them together in 2022 At the Grammys, I just had an idea – Pratt was wearing Black evening gown and ruffled shirt, Galvin in a grey blazer and shorts with a picture of the holy Barbra Streisand on the shirt. More queer couples coordinating outfits and attending awards shows together while taking the time to pay tribute to musical theatre legends, please! Be gay, commit crimes, wear shorts, make out, etc.



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