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I want what they have, Friendship Edition: Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams

Love is a colorful thing, especially when you gawk at it from the outside. In this column we’ll be looking at the celebrity couples who give us hope — or, occasionally, good Friends for our own romantic future and trying to learn from their well-documented relationships.

Everyone has their favorite awards season. For some, it’s watching sexy people wander around in expensive gowns; for others, it’s collecting the hard-earned money of their friends and colleagues through perfectly predicted at-home Oscar votes; for me, It was great to see actors Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams – who first met on the show Dawson’s Creek and have been best friends ever since – taking the red carpet at Together.

Williams has been known to regularly bring Phillips as her date to awards shows over the years, culminating in Phillips’ now iconic reaction to watching

Moonlight/La La Land The confusion is happening in 2017 in real time, and honestly, I Understood. If you’re nominated for a major acting award – or even if you’re not! – Wouldn’t you like to have your best friend by your side giving you Altoids and/or half a Xanax as needed and talking shit about the other nominees? (I’m not accusing Philipps of doing this, I’m just saying that if my best friend won an Oscar, that’s what I would do.)

“I’m going to go back in time and tell this kid she’s going to get 5 Oscar nominations in the next years,” Phillips said in 2023 After the Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, he wrote a heartfelt tribute to Williams on Instagram, adding: “Forever proud of you for building the life and career of your dreams despite being The absolute overwhelming sadness of being human makes you wonder if you can sometimes. But then you dig deep and try again. That’s one of the things I love most about you. You never stop trying.”

Of course, Williams and Phillips’ friendship transcended Oscar season. In her utterly captivating 2023 memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little – which I downloaded to my Kindle and then Rereading on More Wi – Spirit Flights Without Fi Much More Than I Want to Recall – Phillips recounts the couple’s wacky Halloween misadventures and babysitting nights for each other’s kids over the years, writing this The couple’s first encounter: “She was small and cute, her perfect face was without makeup. She had a Fig Newton and water. She asked me if I wanted one, and we went to her room and sat in the rocking chair , so I could smoke a cigarette. We started talking about bands we liked and books we were reading. I liked her right away.”




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