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I want what they have: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys

Love is a colorful thing, especially when you gawk at it from the outside. In this column , we’ll look at the celebrity couples who gave us hope for our own romantic futures, and try to Learn what we can learn from their well-documented relationships. I’m probably naturally drawn to Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, the real-life couple who play two Cold War-era KGB intelligence officers on FX as a happy suburban smug marriage American. No, my parents weren’t undercover agents, but even vague hints of the culture I was immersed in the first few years of my life were comforting (of course, probably not extremely dark Show point, but what can I say? The human mind is a mystery).

If I loved Russell (aka happiness!) and Rhys (aka the one who’s been bashing hot girls, and his handsomeness has really stayed the course over the years) as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings was in The Americans and you can imagine my joy when I learned that the two actually dated in real life and fell in love on set 30 – even if they play a couple whose marriage keeps changing in the most dramatic way. “We did laugh a lot,” Reese said of the pair’s closeness on set. “Maybe a little too much and it turns into a huge struggle. It’s not that you’re trying to do the scene, it’s that in these intense scenes you’re trying not to laugh. There’s a lot of shenanigans.” The Americans had so much fun, can you imagine what their latest project was like? – horror movie cocaine bear

? (That’s okay, they didn’t share screen time; we’re sure these two crazy kids were having a great time.)

Russell and Rhys are finally a couple in Identity appeared and announced in 2018 that they were pregnant. They are now raising three children, including Russell’s two from a previous marriage, and Reese’s description of their adjustment to parenting delights me because of how real and not fake it is: “You evaluate a whole Day success [time between 4 o’clock: 30 afternoon and midnight], if all three of you are full, eat veggies, someone is at dinner, shower I was asked a question when Harry Potter

finished reading, they were in bed, and none of the three were crying, which was a huge success.” That’s what I thought Hear from celebrity couples instead of vague platitudes about how to life-changing and beautiful parenthood. (Also, more men need to be asked how they handle “work-life balance”!)

There’s a lot to love about this couple, but I’ll cherish them forever The way I first found out about their partnership: I saw them at Citi Bikes in Brooklyn Heights four years ago, when I happened to be on my way home from therapy and broke down in tears. Even when I’m teary-eyed over something that seems pretty urgent and I can’t remember if you pay me, I can see that their chemistry isn’t limited to the small screen. They proved it again on Watch What Happens Live,

where direct allies would deign to be on it. What else is there to say? I love them love! 201820182018



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