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I want what they have: Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when you stare at it from the outside. In this column, we’ll examine celebrity couples — or occasionally best friends — who keep us hopeful about our romantic futures and try to learn from their well-documented bonds.

When I first heard about 2020 Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentine ( Fabiola Valentín secretly married the crowned Miss Mariana Varela in Argentina the same year, and I honestly thought I was hallucinating. The Secret Queer Female Romance Born Out of Pageant Culture? When my two favorite things in this world are LGBTQ+ love stories and movies Miss Pageant ? Are you joking?

Valentine and Varela’s once-secret romance is now a matter of public record, as this year’s brand new power couple (Let That Century) revealed Thursday on Instagram On, they got married in October , 2022.

Valentín and Varela met while representing their respective countries at the 2020 Miss International pageant, and surprisingly, the organization actually on social media wishing the couple all the best. (Maybe it’s because I’m assuming a beauty pageant won’t be disappointed by two of its contestants throwing a big gay wedding, but seriously, we love seeing What it! Do I really know pageants well, anyway I’m not from the aforementioned Miss Pageant or the equally good black comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous ?)



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