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I want what they have: Niecy Nash-Betts and Jessica Betts

Love is a colorful thing, especially when you gawk at it from the outside. In this column , we’ll look at the celebrity couples who gave us hope for our own romantic futures, and try to Learn what we can do from their well-documented bonds. Would it be fun to have dinner with them? Like, they actually ask questions about your life, share gossip about people you don’t like each other, and finally insist on a third round of drinking? Maybe I thought actress Niecy Nash-Betts and her wife, musician and LGBTQ+ advocate Jessica Betts (who got married in 2020) would be that kind of couple, but I think the couple Hypersocial for me, but I’m confident enough in my cool to die on this mountain.

Nash-Betts and her wife recently got some major attention at the 2023 Golden Globes, Ryan Murphy A moving speech about the LGBTQ+ actors he has worked with throughout his career. “As a mother of three, [Nash-Betts] was told only a few years ago that when she wanted to marry the love of her life, Jessica Betts, she couldn’t and shouldn’t. She may never work again .. her community and her industry will abandon her. Niecy Nash chose love over fear and tonight she is Golden Globe nominee Niecy Nash-Betts with Dahmer and The biggest year of her entire career rookie: FBI

,” Murphy said, smiling from the audience as Nash-Bates I dissolve in a pile of sentient tear-stained tissues.

Of course, it wasn’t just Murphy’s words about the injustice this couple had to face in order to love each other openly and proudly, and I was drawn to them, of course. Last year, Nash Bates confided in actress Laverne Cox about her relationship (or, you know, as much as she could on the E! News red carpet), at 2023 People’s Choice Award lead-up told her: “I’ve been in love before, but I’m more loved, which means I’m fulfilled. All my needs are met, and I’m accepted. different place.” Can you imagine something more beautiful? My tear-stained pile of tissues just keeps getting bigger!

One thing I particularly appreciate about Nash-Betts’ marriage is that Niecy doesn’t seem interested in defining her sexuality to the world. Look at anyone, male or female, and see them the way I see her. ’ This calm, confident statement echoes author Djuna Barnes’ famous quote that she’s not a lesbian, she “just loves Selma,” but somehow feels open rather than defensive .It’s as if Nash-Betts is quietly reminding us that her sexual identity is not something we can analyze, but the slightly arched eyebrows indicate that she won’t be mad at us for our messy curiosity. This is a future, Nash -The Betts family and all LGBTQ+ couples are encouraged to define their love (or not love!) the way they feel is right.

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