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I Was Using My SPF Wrong—Until A Dermatologist Tell Me This

The importance of wearing SPF is well documented. It’s a no-compromise product, and all experts agree that it should be worn every day, rain or shine, to protect skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. In turn, it helps reduce the risk of skin cancer and slows down the signs of aging. “We can prevent up to 80% of skin aging year-round through the correct use of daily sunscreen,” says Dr. Sam Bunting. “Too many things to play with.”

But are you wearing the right one? Many dermatologists say we miss the mark when used correctly. Even as a beauty editor, I’ve spent years slathering a pump of SPF on my face and rarely smearing it under my chin. Until I learned a foolproof way to apply it.

“You need a quarter teaspoon (or 1.13ml) of sunscreen for your face and neck as well,” explains Dr. Bunting. “Alternatively, you can use two fingers—your index and middle fingers—for easy domination. I recommend people use the dot technique to make sure you’re covering the skin evenly without will miss a little. Like painting a wall, you want (and need) an even coat.” The technique couldn’t be easier: just dab 13 SPF on your face Fingerprint, then rub in.



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