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I Would Wear Bad Bunny’s Incognito Look

Paparazzi always find a way to sneak a pic. That’s a lesson that Bad Bunny learned the hard way today as he seemingly attempted to go unnoticed on the set of his new music video. Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, he was caught red-handed, but fortunately for me, I’ve got a brand new outfit inspiration. 

The Puerto Rican singer, born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, looked dapper in a tight-fitting charcoal suit and white button-down. His shirt, unbuttoned to the chest, displayed a large gold medallion of La Virgen de Guadalupe, which coordinated with his handful of chunky gold rings. 

The Grammy winner went all out in his attempt to shield his face from the paps, save covering his head with a paper bag. The singer wore sunglasses and a maroon and white plaid scarf with a red border, which he tied around his chin, babushka-style. To top it off, he added a faded navy New York Yankees cap. 

While his stab at an incognito look still caught the attention of the cameras (in fact, such a concerted effort probably only drew attention), I can’t help but notice how very chic he looks. Should we all be wearing baseball hats over headscarves? Bad Bunny makes me think yes

Although the details of the artist’s new music video are still as tightly under wraps as his noggin, photos of Al Pacino on set wearing a similar light gray suit and white button-down soon began to circulate. Given the Oscar winner’s presence, in conjunction with Bad Bunny’s sexy suiting, we can only assume a Scarface reference is afoot. Could the scarf-and-hat combo even be part of the costume? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, if Benito needs an Elvira Hancock to his Tony Montana, he knows where to find me. 




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