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Ib Kamara's Off-White Photo Diary – Behind the Making of Spring 2023 “Celebration”

Off-White’s debut under the creative leadership of Image Artistic Director Ib Kamara is one of the most anticipated moments of Paris Fashion Week. Along with the expanded Off-White collective, Kamara has launched a collection called Celebration, which expresses the brand language developed by Virgil Abloh while adding a distinct accent to it.

Amid all the manageable chaos of preparing for the show, Kamara took the time to document the entire process. As he puts it, “I’ve been passionate about capturing moments big and small with my personal digital camera over the years, keeping my cherished memories alive.” Often, those moments stay in Kamara’s cloud storage. But in honor of a show as monumental to Off-White as Kamara herself, he readily agreed to share some of his favorites with Vogue Runway.

In an email, he set the context: “The overall tone we’ve set behind the scenes for this show is really about family From our close collaborators, the creative collective that made the show a reality, the cast and the music, everything is intertwined to make the ‘celebration’ possible. Looking back at the images, I am instantly connected to those beautiful, long hours leading up to the show , days and weeks together – working between Milan, London and Paris and finding our dimension. Together.” Below, along with his description, are visual mementos collected by Kamara as that dimension took shape.

with Stephen Isaac Wilson and dancers Marc-Wilfried Couvadio, Elio Chikunga, Leo Merrion, Brandon Marcelle, Thomas Grau A behind-the-scenes look at the celebration with Andrews, Andrew Atangana, Paul Donald Bonney and Taylor Castle.

Image: Ib Kamara / by Off-White

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