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Ice Cube confirms he lost $9M movie role due to COVID-19 vaccine: 'F*** That Jab'

Ice Cube corroborates Hollywood Reporter story About the star losing his chance to make $9 million because he doesn’t get COVID-19 vaccine.

In the latest episode of

*)Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast This week, Ice Cube revealed that his refusal to get vaccinated forced him to refuse to perform. “I turned down a movie because I didn’t want to fucking get shot,” he shared. “I turned down $9 million because I don’t want to get vaccinated. Fuck the jab, fuck you all want me to understand. I don’t know what Hollywood thinks of me right now.”

He then clarified, “I didn’t say no to [$9 million]. They bastards wouldn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get a chance. I didn’t say no. They just didn’t give it to me.”

Back in October, the Hollywood Reporter reported that Ice Cube was leaving Sony Comedy Oh Hell No coming out – in which he will co-star with )Jack Black — after refusing the producer’s request for vaccination. Ice Cube and Black teamed up on the project in June, and the film hopes to shoot in Hawaii this winter with Kitao Sakurai as director. The film has delayed the start of its production.

THR has reached out to a Sony representative for comment.

Ice Cube revealed last month that he made his fourth film for Hard work in the Friday comedy franchise. “I want to take it away from Warner Bros.,” he said at the time.

Watch full episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game featuring Ice Cube below set.

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