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Ice Cube says Warner Bros turned down two of his scripts for new 'Friday' sequel

Ice Cube’s debut has been 20 years Friday After the next, at The third film released is under the “No Vaseline” rapperFriday franchise. So, as to whether the original 53 cult favorite will have another sequel and in Drink Champs Podcast on LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Festival, Cube updates why it doesn’t look promising.

“I’m trying to get it from Warner Bros. They don’t believe in the culture, man,” Ice Cube told the podcast host, NORE and DJ EFN. 1235151276

The 53-year-old Los Angeles native explained that Warner Bros owns Friday movie. “Once I took the character’s name, it became Friday’s property, ” Cube added, after people asked him to change the film’s title. “It’s useless. They just need to get rid of that shit!” 1235151276

According to Cube, the studio rejected two of his screenplays. The first script included characters Craig (Ice Cube) and Da Da (Mike Epps) jailed for selling marijuana.

“Shit is funny,” Ice Cube said. “They had all these movies about going to jail after they said no. So I was like, ‘Man, you Look, you all screwed me up. “The other script was about the young man on the hood getting into an argument with OG and Craig had to come back and suppress it. Smokey’s [Chris Tucker’s] son ​​is the new Deebo [Tommy Lister Jr.] and he’s crazy.”

Cube added that Warner Bros. “stumbled on it.” He also talked about some Friday The deaths of famous actors, including John Witherspoon, who played Cube’s father in the film; Lister, who played Deebo; and AJ Johnson, who played Ezal.

When asked if Tucker would be in another movie, Cube said the comedian and actor hadn’t expressed any interest in another Friday. “Chris is slippery,” Cube said. “But Chris and I are cool.” 1235151276

As for potential follow-ups to Cube’s other famous projects, such as the movie About the Benjamins and his movie The Players Club, Cube says progress is being held back because of Warner Bros. “Once again, another Warner Bros. screwed up,” Cube concluded.

A representative for Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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