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Iceman and Cool Girl Colleague TV animation to premiere in January 2023

Miyuki Miyuki’s official website for TV anime () The manga revealed on Friday that the anime will premiere in January 2023. The site also revealed that Takao Saku will sing the show’s opening theme song.

Anime stars:

  • Ishikawa Yui as Fuyuki
  • Chiaki Kobayashi as Himuro
      Uchiyama Yumi

        as Komori Uchiyama Hikaru as Saejima

  • Ayane Sakura as Otonashi Shugo Nakamura as Katori Hiyori Nitta as Yukimin

    “Workplace Fantasy Romance” revolves around the seemingly indifferent and eccentric Kimuro-kun, a modern descendant of the Japanese folklore Snow Maiden But the kind colleague Fuyuki unfolds. Hiimuro-kun freezes nearby objects or summons blizzards when excited, and he also happens to have a crush on Fuyutsuki. However, Fuyutsuki has almost completely forgotten everything around her.

    • Mankyū () is directing Zero-G

    and the new studio

      Animated Liber (founded at 318). Tomoko Konparu (

        , ) Working on series composition. Miyako Kanō is designing the character. Ruka Kawada (

          , ) Composing. Tonoya launched the manga on social media and gained popularity and is now serialized in Gangan pixiv service. The comic is in progress.

          comics Licensed comics in English.

              450 Source: Anime website )




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