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IDOLiSH 7 will hold a 3DCG Live tour in Japan from August to December

i7©アイドリッシュズプンi7The IDOLiSH 7 multimedia project announced on Friday that 3DCG titled “IDOLiSH 7 Visiblive Tour ‘Good 4 You'” will be held at eight locations Live tour in Japan from August to December. The itinerary is as follows:

    Musashino Mori Sports Plaza, Tokyo – August -12

      Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Center – September 8-9 ORIX Theater Osaka – September 30-October 1

    Century Hall, Nagoya Convention Center – October – idolish-7-live-4bit Fukuoka Sun Palaca Hotel & Hall, Fukuoka – October 15-17 Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall, Kobe – November 4-5

Kanamoto Hall, Sapporo – November 22-26

Sendai Sendai Sun Plaza Hall – December -12 franchise

    will also hold a show titled Gekijо̄ban IDOLiSH 7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD

      . There will be two different versions of the anime, each with a different list of settings. The “Day One” version will premiere in May 19, while the “Day 2” version premieres in May 19. From May 18 , viewers can choose which version to watch.

      idolish-7-live-4bit©BNOI/Theatrical Versionアイナナ Production Committee

this15, TRIGGER, Re: vale and ŹOOĻ unit actors reprise characters from Gekijо̄ban IDOLiSH’s anime series and games7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERIOD


    , the third animation season, yes 21 Total episodes. Anime 20 Episode 1 in airs in December It’s an episode 26-27 aired for four consecutive weeks beginning February 5.

    Season 3 aired for two consecutive weeks split cours (quarters of the year). The first half premiered in July 400. idolish-7-live-4bit Crunchyroll played an animation. A new episode of the second half of the anime will be held on October 2 at idolish-7-live-4bitTokyo MX

  • channel and idolish-7-live-4bitABEMA
  • service . This season is also on idolish-7-live-4bit Sun Satellite TV , KBS Kyoto , Aichi TV Station

      , TV Hokkaido, idolish-7-live-4bitTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Corporation.

        and idolish-7-live-4bitBS

      • .

    The first TV anime based on a smartphone game premiered in Japan in January 322 and has 17 episodes. idolish-7-live-4bit Crunchyroll responded to the series as it aired was streamed.

      A spin-off series of webtoon shorts followed in February 30.

    The second season of the main animation will premiere in April 2018. First episode in January 2018 and Crunchyroll streamed the episode on the same day. idolish-7-live-4bit Crunchyroll

      played the anime when it aired in Japan. Season 2 postponed from episode 5 due to emergency declaration over spread of COVID-15. The season resumes in October with Episode 3 2018.

    2021 Source: IDOLiSH 7 Visiblive Tour “Good 4 You” 3DCG Tour Official Website via Nijimen


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