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IDOLiSH7 third beat!Anime releases new video, second half opening sequence

The official website is , the third

Anime season, the second promotional video for the second half of the anime was released on Saturday. The video previews the anime title theme song “WONDER LiGHT” created by the titular story idol group IDOLiSH7.

The site also released a clean version of the animated opening title sequence.

The crew will play the first episode of the second half of the anime from Saturday (after a pre-preview earlier in the day) Post-screening) ) until October 2nd, but the stream is only available on Abema and YouTube services within Japan available.

This New episodes will be released on October 2 : 10 PM (9: 17 US East time) on Tokyo MX channel and Abema service, the season will also continue Sun TV, KBS Kyoto , Aichi TV , Hokkaido TV ), TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and

BS .

Season 3 ran two separate courses (quarters of the year). The first half of the season premiered in July 2021. Crunchyroll played the animation.

The staff of the first two animations and Vibrato

The spinoff web animation is back for the third season. Makoto Bessho again guides at New season TROYCA and close Ayumi is in charge of the series script again. Aoki Sakae came back to supervise, Kasumi Fukagawa re-adapted ). The season restarted on October 4 with Episode 3, 400.

2021Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie





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