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[email protected] Million Live!New trailer for TV anime set to debut in theaters in August, more crew

franchise TV animation official website officially opened A teaser promotional video began streaming on Saturday. The trailer announces that all episodes of the anime will be available in Japanese theaters starting in August , ahead of the anime’s October TV premiere. The website and trailer also revealed more crew members.

    The animated series will have three theatrical runs, each running for three weeks. The first part of the theatrical version will run from August to September 7. The second part will be from September 8th to September and the last part will start from September to October.

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    The newly announced staff is:

      CG Director: Daisuke Shiotani Animated character design: Tetsuya Ishii (), Kaori Tsuta Concept Art: Masato Hakuta, Nami Ogata , Ryuki Hida

Art/Settings: Natsumi Sakamoto Artboard: BIC Studio Color Key Artist : Hikari Takikawa , Miyuki Sato

  • Photography compositing guide:
  • Kentarō Ōnuki edit: Akari Saito Sound Director: Hiromi Kikuta

    Anime will grow from Kasuga Miku and others The initial stage of his idol’s theater.

    Watada Shinya

    ( Movie, , ) is animating at Shirogumi Inc., and Yoichi Kato (, ) is in charge of supervising and writing the series script. Lantis is making music. Bandai Namco Studio is collaborating on animation and Bandai Namco Entertainment is planning and producing the anime (and credited as the original creator).

    Shirogumi Inc. TV animation announced at Bandai Namco Entertainment The following video was made during the adaptation Theater Days at

    Third Anniversary.



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