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Idris Elba's ' Rescue 2' character hints at potential spinoff

His role is little more than a cameo. In fact, Idris Elba is on Netflix’s “Rescue 2”

Appearing on screen for a total of about five minutes (it turned out to be shot in just two days), the film ends with little more than an exhibition device.

However, Elba’s role heralds an exciting future for the series, which is already in Look for a third major movie, and potential spinoffs. So Elba’s mysterious man in a suit could help anchor the two moves, a sort of reference to Marvel, Star Wars, and John Wick

Narrative Strategies scripts, often introducing characters from a series before sending them off to standalone content ranches.

Accept Screen Rant, director Sam Hargrave tells the story of how the production team kept Elba safe, and what his character means to the series:

“This is part of all the above, which means we know Joe has always wanted to expand

Take the

universe and fill it with super talented actors who can carry their own movies in this universe and start their own franchises Right. It just so happened that Chris Hemsworth knew a very talented actor, Idris Elba, and when he held out his hand, when Idris said “yes,” we all said, “Oh , man, we’ll have to see how things go. ’ And then, it works really well, the two of them just shine on the screen, you can feel a chemistry, it’s palpable, and it’s such a thing to watch. Every time we get together with the two of them It was a joy to shoot together. It was only a few days because Idris was in and out, but it was a really fun time, these two got along really well and had a special chemistry on screen Reaction.”

Elba’s character itself Still a black slate. He represents some government agency or high table or undisclosed cloak and dagger revelry, which is yet to be explored.

if extract 2

meets whatever ratings threshold Netflix demands to justify future investment, and we’ll likely see more of him on screen .

Headshot of Joshua St. Clair

Headshot of Joshua St. Clair

Joshua St. Claire

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Joshua St. Clair is an assistant editor for Men’s Health.

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