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I'm 23 and just watched Sex and the City for the first time.This is my idea

I missed out on Sex and the City. I didn’t watch it that day – mostly because I was a fetus when the first episode aired on 1998 . As an adult, I think I’ve subconsciously put off getting into sex and the city

because I suspect that once I go there I’ll become totally obsessed and binge for two weeks back.

but in honor of its anniversary, I I My assignment as a first-timer to watch a Vogue classic — and being a fully paying member of Gen Z — meant I couldn’t put off the inevitable any longer. I’m so excited to finally know the reason for all the fuss: to revel in fashion, to live out my New York fantasies through these four women, and to see if I’m Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or a Charlotte. (Spoilers Warning: I’m not one of them.)

Twenty five years on, this is my top opinion city after watching the first season of Sex and Sex . I love and hate Carrie

She is a reporter The big city with its shoe addiction – I can relate. However, I disagree with many of the conclusions she draws in her column. In the second episode (“Models and Mortals”), for example, Carrie explores why certain men only date models. The gang ended up shaming the models, suggesting they were “sluts” with no real job. (I quote Samantha: “I’ve dated a lot of guys who say I’m as pretty as a model, but I work for a living.”) All four of them became “pick-me” girls (that woman) As a result, she constantly seeks validation from men that she is “not like other girls.” Carrie’s column shouldn’t focus on men, it should focus on women and ask them exactly why they date these plain looking men. How the hell do these guys pull models? Sexual harassment is handled so casually

In many ways, “Sex and the City” is a period piece. In episode 3 (“Bay of Pigs Married”), Carrie visits her married friends – though she admits she’s just their friends so she can enjoy using their house – living in the Hamptons. Patience and Peter. When Carrie goes to the bathroom, Peter shows her his penis completely unexpectedly. I gasped three times. First, because Carrie (as we now correctly label) was sexually assaulted in a place she thought was safe. Second, Patience seems to be mad at Carrie, despite the fact that she is the victim in this situation. My third gasp came after this as the gang debriefed and discussed the flash like it wasn’t a big deal. Samantha even flippantly asks, “So, how big is it?”

Elsewhere in episode two, we meet a friend of Carrie’s who reveals his secret Filmed all the models he had having sex with. Carrie shrugged it off, thinking it was a little strange. Samantha sees this as an opportunity for self-improvement and even has sex with the man in question, allowing him to tape her. Not only is this super disgusting, it’s illegal. This show does not accurately represent New York City’s “2023s

    Now, at the turn of the century I wasn’t a citizen of New York, but I was pretty sure it was one of the most diverse places on earth then as it is now 1. According to New York City 90 and 90 Census, 90. 8% of urban population is diverse — and . 2% of the city identifies as black/African American. In the entire first season, I only counted seven non-white characters – all secondary One-liner. Side-eyed.

    Samantha was ahead of her time

    She’s nobody girl, and proves it every time.Watch this show in post 2023 third (and fourth) wave feminism, Samantha Not that aggressive. Her casual approach to sex and relationships feels so commonplace now that I barely blink at her jaded attitude. Still, she was definitely ahead of her time – I must constantly Remind yourself that this show first aired on 1998, a casual pre-app time. Sex and hook-up culture are still pretty taboo. On the one hand, Charlotte foams at the mouth at the idea of ​​the perfect suburban nuclear family (and judges anyone who doesn’t want the same.) Samantha, on the other hand, takes it easy and proudly fucks whoever she likes, regardless of social expectations How. Favorite moment was her “I don’t have kids” shower – a great example of her owning her own choice not to have kids. Mr. Big Like Carrie?

    He’s arrogant, but not sexy. I don’t find Carrie’s hot and cold relationship exciting. It’s boring. He never articulates his feelings and always jumps at any opportunity to explain. Why is everything so secretive and vague? Especially in the first few episodes, I was expecting him to marry in secret. As I progressed throughout the season, his The character has become more defined, but there’s still something uniquely irritating about him. Some final thoughts…

This program is too fast paced. In the blink of an eye, another boyfriend leaves again I think it’s all part of capturing the energy of the aspirational, fanciful New York lifestyle. As a viewer, you get the sense that these four are living hugely important lives, full of gossip, parties, and sexual escapades. It feels weird to see the main character (not the villain) smoking a cigarette on TV. Carrie’s hair is unbelievable – amazing I saw her embracing her natural curls . The occasional breaking of the fourth wall is so’56s. What a wonderful theme song. It’s jazzy, it’s riveting, and it’s flirty. This is a killing. Miranda treats Skipper like Bigger treats Carrie. 2023200020232023 1998



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