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I'm a villain, so I'm going to tame the final boss ‒ episode 12

How do you rate Plot 400 of
me It’s a villain, so I want to tame the final boss?

Community Rating: 4.1 So we’re at the end – it’s just too much to see it stumble Too bad it’s at the finish line. If there was one episode that should have aired in two, it’s this one. The lack of running time robs the episodes of any kind of dramatic weight – be it in the action climaxes or in the personal revelations of the various characters – and there are too many unexplained or under-explained issues such as : • How did Elephas and Aileen escape the dungeon?

• How did they find and steal the hot air balloon?

• Why do any of them know how to fly a hot air balloon ?

• What exactly is the plan of the dread mage?

• Why is the demonic incense that is supposed to drive demons mad – let Claude going to bed?

• Why does Selene know all the palace’s secrets?

• How Lilia got the Holy Sword in Leicester Road of?

• How exactly did Almond “play dead”?

• How the anti-aging machine is connected to Cloud’s memory and power ones (especially putting the mage’s eye in it solves everything)?

But the hardest part was the actual ending of the show. In fact, despite watching the episode twice, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. It seems to me that in the few seconds between when Cloud wakes up and when he comes to rescue Irene, Cloud and Cedric stage a coup d’état and remove their father and grandmother from the throne — — that is, they committed treason together. Cedric and Lilia were then either imprisoned or placed under permanent house arrest (it’s unclear which), while Claude and Aileen got married.

Talking so much needs to be finished within tens of seconds while running To say that is an understatement. In fact, things move so quickly that we skip perhaps the most important aspect of the story — Cedric and Lillia’s relationship.

Cedric has begun to see that Lilia is not who she claims to be The innocent girl is. No matter how much she uses her knowledge of the game to manipulate everyone around her, the fact that she doesn’t see anyone as a real person except Irene can’t hide forever – especially since she doesn’t try once she” Having “captured” any given “goal,” hide as much of your true feelings as possible.

However, Cedric would occasionally speak to Irene because of doubts. The act of turning a blind eye to things about Lilia is a far cry from the complete betrayal of her that we’ve seen in this episode. Why he chose to do this, and what exactly changed his mind, has never been explored. To make matters worse, we don’t even know Lilia’s opinion of the whole thing. She’s certainly appalled by Cedric’s betrayal – and we can see that through the visual narrative. However, the biggest question remains: Do these events show her that the people in this world are real people–rather than fictional characters who bend her to her will with impunity?

It would be a world changer for Lilia if they had moment — and, arguably, a chance for redemption. This would suggest that the anime is about Irene saving Lillia from herself, like it’s about Irene fighting for her happy ending with Cloud. On the other hand, if these events didn’t change her worldview, then nothing would. Lillia is still a dangerous psychopath and an unrepentant villain – nonetheless, it will be all the more tragic for Cedric to continue loving her. However, if things aren’t addressed one way or another, much of the villain’s complexity is lost, only to be jettisoned in the happy ending.

So, at the end of the day, I love the episode where things go— Especially the final battle between Irene and Lilia. However, the problem isn’t what’s in the plot, it’s what’s not happening. So much of the world-building and character development ended up on the cutting room floor that a lot of what made the series so interesting ended up not meaningfully paying off. it’s a shame. Erin and her friends deserved a better send-off than we did.


Random thought:

• die? You must be kidding me. The almonds literally dissolve into a cloud of magic particles. How did this “play dead”?

• It turns out that the queen mother is vain and evil. cool.

• Why does Selene hate Aileen? All she does is embarrass Lilia by proving that she is manipulating her.

• While I don’t like the Selene/Auguste combination, I Wish we could have seen how and why it happened.

• Again, Rachael didn’t do anything important. I wonder if she actually had a plot in the original novel.

• The heroine will steal her dying lover’s power to win fight? No. Luckily Erin is a villain.

• I wish we had spent some time learning about the original game’s romance Story options — especially Lester because he’s crucial to the climax.

• I know that one stab of the holy sword will make another holy sword The girl stole it, but would a regular slice do Aileen or Lilia any real harm?

• Thank you for being with me this season. The next season has no fewer than two villain-centric stories. Hopefully, in the new year, I’ll be able to see you all at one or more of these conferences.

is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Richard is an anime and video game journalist who has lived and worked in the US for over a decade Japan. For more of his writing, check out his twitter and blog.



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