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I’m Captivated by Timothée Chalamet’s Airplane Look

Do you look like you’re dressed for the runway when boarding a flight? Likely not. Airport style is all about finding a look that strikes the balance between being comfortable, yet put-together (think cozy knits, a la Gigi Hadid). But last night, while arriving at the Narita airport in Japan, actor Timothée Chalamet rejected such conventional comforts in favor of a sleek look that’s more catwalk-ready than plane cabin-ready.

Of course, plenty of stars have recently treated the airport like a fashion show: Rihanna, for one, regularly travels in sky-high heels. But there’s something even more captivating about Chalamet’s approach to airport style. His double-breasted Avellano coat is made entirely out of black latex—a squeaky, non-breathable material that’s hardly the height of comfort. Still, you can’t deny how slick and entirely unexpected the outerwear piece feels. 

Photo: Getty Images

The star was dressed for coziness in a way—with his simple black tee and loose Loewe pants—proving a standout look is all about the accessories. With the addition of an avant-garde topper, chunky boots, and movie star-worthy shades, Chalamet succeeded in giving fans a high-fashion deplaning moment. It’s all very Neo from The Matrix—you know, if Neo couldn’t fly himself, and had to take a plane. 



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