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I’m Fascinated By Kylie Jenner’s Skirt-and-Leggings Combo

Kylie Jenner is in her quiet fashion era. Since the summer, the reality star and beauty entrepreneur has explored a more stealthy-chic wardrobe, complete with perfect LBDs and minimal heels. And, yesterday in California, she continued this pared-back dressing approach when she emerged wearing a cropped white tank top and slinky gray skirt. It’s a classic enough pairing—only this time, she made a bit more of a statement by reviving the skirts-and-leggings look that dominated the 2000s. Leave it to Jenner, though, to make the layering feel current. 

I’m fascinated by Jenner’s gray skirt and leggings here: Is it all one piece, or did she purposefully combine them in a callback to 2008? Regardless, with her pointed MM6 heels, luxe leather tote, and a cropped tank, the whole look was fresh and modern. She’s clearly going through a hosiery phase, too: Just earlier this week, she paired white tights with a nude bodycon Atlein dress. Both looks serve major ballerina energy, evoking that iconic image of Brittany Murphy wearing dancer’s leg warmers with Louboutins, and needless to say, we’re on board. Even if you can’t actually perform a pirouette or a plié, you can dress like you do. 



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