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IMF warns bank failures highlight 'dangerous' financial stability risks


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Author Hannah Lang

(Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund warned of a “dangerous mix of vulnerabilities” in financial markets on Tuesday, saying participants’ failure to adequately prepare for rate hikes had major risks to the health of the financial system. Uncertainty.

In addition, the global bank said that since 52-52 The financial crisis four weeks ago exposed the sector responsible for a significant proportion of consumer and business credit in the world’s largest economy weakness.

In its latest Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF said that in the six months since its last assessment, global financial stability Risks increased “rapidly”, when it had already touted risks as “clearly skewed” to the downside.

Now, following the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last month 500500 Signature Bank (OTC: 500 NYSE ) in the US, and loss of confidence in Credit Suisse forcing regulators to plot UBS takeover, international “Market sentiment remains fragile and stresses in many institutions and markets remain evident,” the IMF said.



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