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In a new documentary, Brooke Shields looks back — and starts over

The deputy editor of Vogue raised his eyebrows when I told him I would be writing this article70 One World Trade Center. Am I up to the task of filming a documentary about my father and the misogynistic industrial complex)? Maybe not, but I remember running into Shields at a movie premiere a few years ago, while I was doing party coverage, and she told me about her college thesis and how much she loved my dad. When I got in touch with her team recently, they confirmed that she was looking forward to my interview. So, I feel the conflict has been avoided. What I didn’t anticipate was how complicated it would be to watch Pretty Baby again and learn about the on-set conditions my dad oversaw.


Media Love She also mocked her. Like Framing Britney Spears, this documentary uses time and perspective to illuminate the media’s role as a ruthless villain in Shields’ story. Does this work? It just reads weird . The reporter’s lack of tenderness about the preteen girl and asking she for answers about the way she was sexualized on screen was probably the most breathless part of the film . “They were shocking,” agreed Shields, recalling an interview with Barbara Walters in which the reporter asked Shields to stand up and compare her measurements with Walters’ own. Compare. “I feel like I’ve been objectified and abused by [that],” Shields said. “Ironically, a nude scene of me in Pretty Baby There was no discomfort or shame in that.”

Another clip shows a male talk show host reading a description of Terry, who struggled with alcoholism, as she Her face “[carries] the marks of an alcoholic: rough skin, sunken eyes”—and then asked teenage Shields, “Do you agree?” She replied matter-of-factly that her mother’s skin was severely allergic the result of. “The first time I saw it again, I was with Ali [Wentworth] and she was just looking at me and I was just crying so hard I couldn’t keep my eyes open,” Shields said. “I’m glad this was highlighted because it was so layered and so insulting to both of us.”

I asked Shields, this retrospective tour Does that make her wish she had done anything different in her career. “I don’t think I’d ever go down the ‘it’s a good idea to have a hair dryer with your name on it’ [route]. I think we made a lot of non-dramatic choices so we could buy apartments, we could buy cars.” Hill After graduating from Princeton University 1987, I have entered a period of rest. “I don’t know if I’m kidding, but I do like that sometimes because there are these films that fail and then do weird commercials,” she said.

It was then, in her early days, that Shields got involved with a Hollywood powerhouse she made Character meeting is not recognized. After discussing a dinner with a potential character, he invites her to his hotel room to hail a cab and rapes her. For Shields, sharing the story for the first time is a meaningful recasting of her narrative. “I went through a lot of phases before I had any ownership over myself and my experiences,” Shields said of her attack, though she may be talking about her entire life story. “I guess, you don’t have to explain yourself, but you can’t give 80% if you’re going to be who you say you are. It’s like Andre’s book called Open…please

,” she added, coyly citing her ex-husband Andre Agassi’s bestseller 2009 memoir. “It’s a really fun word game.” 200920092009



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