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In Forces of Fashion, messages from Daniel Roseberry, Quannah Chasinghorse, Xiye Bastida and Christopher John Rogers stay true to your beliefs

Jordan Roth with Schiaparellis Daniel Roseberry.Jordan Roth with Schiaparellis Daniel Roseberry.

Jordan Roth and Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli. Group photo: Sansho Scott /

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Forces of Fashion has returned to an in-person format, and boy, is offering the “fit” audience. On the stage, the guests showed no mercy.

morning session with theater manager Jordan Roth — in a cable-knit sweater with a gold leather chest — — Talk to Daniel Roseberry of Schiaparelli, who shares his 10 year journey from Texas to Place Vendôme with Stopovers in Asia and the Middle East as missionaries and worked side by side with Tom Brown for many years. Roseberry talked about dressing Lady Gaga for President Biden’s inauguration and laid out his mission in Schiaparelli’s surreal-inspired house to transform the house’s founder’s “hard fashion” into what he called “spiritual fashion.” His advice to aspiring designers? Find a mentor.

Jordan Roth with Schiaparellis Daniel Roseberry.


Photo: Sansho Scott/BFA. com

Vogues Jos CrialesUnzueta with Christopher John Rogers.
Next comes the model and Land conservationist Quannah Chasinghorse and climate justice activist and Re-Earth Initiative co-founder Xiye Bastida spoke to Taylor Antrim, Vogue Global Network Leader and US Associate Editor, about Indigenous culture, representation and the environment. Both believe they can best change the system while working within it. On representation, Chasinghorse talks about challenging expectations while making her presence, values ​​and expectations known. “There’s a stereotype that neither of us fit in,” she said. As “the first [Indigenous model] to actually go into space,” Chasinghorse says she wants to “become a storyteller for our people because that’s so important in our community.”

The third session featured award-winning fashion designer Christopher John Christopher John Rogers – many of the attendees wore his work – talks world-building with SCAD graduate, fashion news writer and fashion journalist José Ciales-Unzueta. Rogers has a strong vision and perfection The flawed space. He’s interested in “incidental thoughts” and is more likely to be in a takeaway bag than Find inspiration in century clothing. Talking about his passion for color Of Famous Love, the designer said: “There’s something very emotional about it, and for me it’s not about being loud, it’s the specificity of your heart. “

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Jordan Roth with Schiaparellis Daniel Roseberry.



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