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In Her Own Words: Gigi Hadid on the Prada Obsession She Shared with Virgil Abloh

Gigi Hadid arrived on the Paris set of Vogue’s March 2024 cover shoot wearing a unique knitted jacquard sweater emblazoned with an image of Mrs. Prada, to the surprise and delight of everyone. We immediately knew the image had to be part of the issue somehow, as just another example of how much devotion the Italian designer inspires in the people around her. Here, in Gigi’s own words, is the story of how the sweater came to be.

This sweater begins with Virgil and I. As a joke, but not really, we called each other The Miuccia Prada Fan Club. We would always text each other photos back and forth—it was like a mood board for life—and there was a lot of Miuccia in there. It would be photos of her, like, when I went to a fitting, or if he ran into her; you know, like what a fan girl does. Like, “Hey, I saw MP today!” It was fun. One of the things we sent was that picture of her in the yellow Maserati, and she’s fixing her lipstick or something.

My birthday present for him, on his last birthday before he passed, was the sweater with that photo of Miuccia on it. Knitwrth made them for me, I got one for me and one for Virgil, so I have one and the other one is in the legendary archive of Virgil’s closet. The tag actually says “One of Two. Virgil and Gigi Mrs Prada Fan Club.” I knew that he would’ve loved that I was doing this story, and so I wanted to wear the sweater to bring him to work with me. It’s just an amazing sweater and it made everyone laugh that day on set. He would’ve loved that.



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