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In Los Angeles, Vogue100 and Livia Firth celebrate women's power and sustainability

Eira M Thomas, Livia Firth and Catherine McLeod-Seltzer.

Photography by Joseph Bishop

On International Women’s Day, Vogue and Livia Firth host an intimate luncheon and speaking series , a toast to a group of women marching toward a more sustainable future. A longtime activist and founder of global sustainability consultancy Eco-Age, Firth is committed to putting human rights and the environment front and center during a week dedicated to fashion and film.

An educational afternoon at the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood Harriet’s Rooftop was held, with views of downtown Los Angeles and beyond, for which Flowerboy Project furnished a bouquet of bouquets. This Venice-based florist sources fresh flowers from the local market each morning.

Vogue’s 100 Sustainability Editor Tonne Goodman kicks off speaker lineup that includes Iranian-American climate activist Sophia Kianni, Lucara Diamond co-founder and Eira M. Thomas, CEO, Jessica Iclisoy, Founder and CEO, California Baby, Global Director, Sustainable Business, Farfetch Tom Berry, and Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Lucara Diamond’Oréal and Alexandra Palt, CEO, Fondation L’Oréal.

The field of sustainable fashion is so complex that using recycled materials is only part of the picture. Partnering with the people who sew and source our clothes is where sustainability starts.

On the plant-based menu, guests enjoy homestyle colorful platters of tomato shakshuka and harissa rubbed Romanesco cauliflower with herbed couscous. For dessert, a platter filled with delicious cookies and truffles is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. After lunch, the floral arrangements around the room are broken down into individual bouquets for guests to take home. A beautiful reminder of what we can learn today and encouragement to incorporate the power of upcycling into our lifestyles, big and small.




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