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In new book that celebrates the endless possibilities of eggs

Do you like your eggs? In the pages of The Gourmand’s Egg, the first of a new collaborative series from the London gourmet magazine The Gourmand Books and Taschen, with enough stories, recipes and wacky images to appeal to even the most ova-averse. This glossy hardcover may feature a tantalizing crispy omelette on the front and back, but whether poached, scrambled, poached, whipped, dipped, painted, or tossed, it’s here in a variety of ways. Eggs are celebrated in different formats: both as a humble household ingredient and as an ever-mighty source of life.

Cover of The Gourmand’s Egg, Photo by Bobby Doherty.

by Taschen

“Almost all new life begins with an egg,” David Lane, co-founder of The Gourmand explains . “In a culture where the form, function and meaning of the egg are widely referenced, it was a good choice to be the standard-bearer for the series.”

It speaks to the powerful symbolism of the egg, with its mystical resonance going back to antiquity – the Romans used them to ward off evil spirits, while the Egyptians worshiped them for their cosmic powers – and its more modern use in fertility and femininity The significance of , explored in a series of articles edited by critic Ruth Reichl. (For example, a short piece titled “Saucy Eggs” explores the most tempting moments of on-screen food, citing everything from a poisonous omelet in Phantom Thread to soft- A cooked breakfast appeals to Elio in Timothée Chalamet Call me by your name .)

This article also explores references to eggs in fashion – and while you’ve likely spotted countless examples on the runways over the past few years, from Loewe’s egg-cracking heels to Simone Rocha’s pearlescent egg-shaped bags, Lane’s approach is to find More timeless examples, like Judith Leiber’s rhinestone-encrusted Fabergé bag and Rihanna’s Guo Pei Met Gala moment, the famous omelet. “[Making a choice] was not easy,” Lane admitted. “We wanted to include stories that were relevant now and in the future, as this book series with Taschen is meant to be collectible. Not that the egg-breaking heels won’t be remembered, but maybe Björk laid eggs in Marjan Pejoski’s red carpet gown more Like a fundamental moment in fashion’s narrative of eggs.”



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