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In one month, 43 U.S. clinics stopped offering abortions: study

At least 43 clinics across the U.S. have stopped offering abortions since the Supreme Court revoked nationwide abortion rights, according to a study published Thursday.

In the month since the landmark June 24 ruling, 11 states have banned pregnancy Abortion is banned after six weeks or completely.

Thus, according to the Institute, 43 clinics — including 23 in Texas alone, 5 in Oklahoma, and 5 in Alabama — — Closed or refocused resources on other forms of care.

Jackson Women’s Health, also known as the Pink House — which is at the heart of the Supreme Court case — has long been the only location in Mississippi to provide abortion services, on July 7 closure.

“The already dire abortion situation in many parts of the country will continue to worsen, with more states adopting abortion bans in the coming weeks and months,” the study authors wrote.

Some states, like Louisiana or North Dakota, have laws prohibiting abortion, but legal battles have slowed the enactment of these new laws.

Other states, such as Indiana, have called a special session of state Congress to pass new legislation.

Half of all U.S. states, especially the largely conservative South and Midwest, are expected to eventually ban abortion.

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