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In Sagaponack, Métier and Huma Abedin Hosted a Summer Dinner Beneath Crabapple Trees and Dangling Lanterns

Last night, nestled on a sprawling Sagaponack estate punctuated by orchards and flowing ponds, an intimate group of culture, fashion, and design tastemakers congregated to honor Métier founder Melissa Morris and author and political staffer Huma Abedin. Morris dedicated the evening to community and family—the two drivers for her inexhaustible belief in her brand, and herself.

“The integrity that drives us both, unites us,” Morris dotes. “I was so fortunate to meet Huma in the very early days of Métier, I love that we share strong unwavering beliefs and are both completely uncompromising in the pursuit of realizing our visions.” Abedin also noted that the pair bonded over the drive first given to them by their parents. “Melissa and I first connected because of the way we were raised by our parents, who raised us to believe that anything was possible so long as we were curious about people and curious about the world,” she explained with a toast over dinner. “We found that we could do things we didn’t think that we could ever do—I’ve done things I could never think was possible, because of people who believed I could.”

Throughout the evening, guests sipped on salted margaritas and crisp cabernet sauvignon as they chatted and explored the 4.2-acre property, lined by bushels of hydrangeas and towering, trimmed hedges. After cocktail hour, all were sat beneath crabapple trees, adorned with dimly lit lanterns suspended overhead. Tables were defined by oversized eggplants, stacked peaches, and other colorful farm produce.

“When the opportunity arose to throw this dinner party there was no one I would have rather done this with and I feel so honored to have Huma’s support,” Morris told Vogue. “And with that support also comes a responsibility to create something aesthetically which befitted the incredible guests that joined us.” Rory Satran, Pat Cleveland, Casey Fremont, Batsheva, Dee Poku, Noot Seear, Jacob Soboroff, Tamron Hall, Mary Weatherfield, Dina Nur Satti, Jihae Kim, Dasha Nekrasova, Denée Benton, and more, were among the attendees.

“Métier’s community has always been so inspiring to me,” Morris explained. “Individuals that embody the spirit of the brand from the worlds of art, design, entertainment, and fashion and who are each shaping culture on their own terms.”

After a dinner of squash blossom focaccia, summer crudités, and wild striped bass, crafted by feted chef Flynn McGarry, we asked Morris how women can continue to show up as themselves, for themselves, both in their personal style and their careers. “By being more self-accepting,” she said. “To know yourself enough to know that you can bring things to the table, and to have the confidence to let yourself do it and be it.”



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