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In/Specter Season 2 ‒ Episode 18

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ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27© Kyo Shirodaira, Chasiba Katase, KODANSHA / “In/Spectre” making Committee a family can be anything. It could even be an old lady and her pet ghost Garfield. with new Back with background, new mysteries, and a new main grump. This time around, we follow Tae, a sprightly octogenarian, a respectable old man in a small town who is affected every morning by a strange plague of dead fish. Like all mysteries in this show, supernatural forces seem to be involved, as Ty’s friendship with alcoholic Bakeneko leads her to meet a wooden boy and enlists the help of Kotoko’s chattering. Tae is the best achievement of this episode. Her prickly demeanor, curiosity, and secret kindness make her a perfect fit for the character and its bunch of bastards with a heart of gold. She’s also cleverly paired with scruffy Bakeneko, a talking orange cat whose resemblance to everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving feline is no coincidence. As far as human-yokai relationships go, Yukonome and Masayuki’s chemistry is hard to top, but Tae and Yokai have an old friend rapport, poking each other to prove they care. It’s also rare to see a grumpy old woman lead an anime, which is another reason why I love Tae so much. Mystery anthology series like this are the perfect opportunity to take a chance and think outside the box, so I’m excited to see take advantage of this. ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 Since this is the first part of a new arc, we don’t get much other than Out-of-context content that establishes the case and its context. Find interesting deliveries The way these messages—seeing the hopeless mayor panting to keep up with a comfortably jogging Tae—if you’ve gotten into the series already, the verbosity is part of the appeal. The villagers seem to think that the recently deceased Zenta is behind an apparent curse, presumably in revenge for the death of his grandson in a careless tourist accident. Meanwhile, Ty has first-hand knowledge of the strange boy-sized puppet he’d been sculpting before his death, whose electricity we later get to confirm was responsible for the extinction of the fish. This all seems to confirm that Zenta is indeed doing some posthumous revenge, but the howdunit and whydunit aspects are still pretty vague, and I’m sure Kotoko’s theory will add some unforeseen curveballs. On topic, there are some interesting things going on. Tourism can bring economic benefits to a place, but it can also erode a place’s essential character. This is symbolically combined in the death of Tsubasa, where capricious tourists kill an innocent native lad who dies on his way to the hospital in a traffic jam. The town, having essentially sold its soul, must now pay the price. In this case, however, you’d think that yokai, who are tied to nature and tradition, are the ones who exact revenge. Instead, they’re trying to stop the man-made robots from going on a rampage. The law of revenge is also questionable. Killing the fish would certainly hurt the town’s economy, but cutting off the nose was to lose face. Is this humans using the supernatural to feed their own rage, or is there something else going on here? ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 Pinocchio stories are bound to tie into basic mysteries too. Tae notes the difference between the original story and the kid-friendly Disney version in the popular consciousness. I can’t comment too much on this as I’m also most familiar with the Disney version, though I might use this as an opportunity to check it out Guillermo del Toro Dark take on the story. Anyway, I don’t think the power of lightning is part of Pinocchio’s usual tricks, so Kotoko might elaborate on that. My wild theory is that it has something to do with the Tengu, who also have long noses in their traditional descriptions. What does it sound like mixing Eastern and Western folklore in this way would revel in doing things, but I admit I don’t have much to do. I didn’t talk too much about the intro to the anime, partly because I appreciate it An episode has yet to be delayed in a winter full of production casualties, but it’s been a rough week. The dead fish scene looks especially bad; it’s like they used a warp filter to animate the ebb and flow of the morning tide. Characters that look gnarly from a distance are nothing new, though, and action scenes have never been the franchise’s strong suit. It’s a modest production that benefits from the sources’ emphasis on dialogue. That said, the fun yokai design elevates the fight with Pinocchio in a big way. I’m not going to complain about the futility of watching a giant crab and a gorilla pairing Thunder’s puppet. Overall, the animation’s other components, such as the character designs, soundtrack, and hilarious Kotoko faces, more than make up for any weaknesses in the action. ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 Kotoko makes her grand entrance from Kuro’s blue hatchback, Dengeki The Great Adventures does a good job of identifying the cast and issues that are at the heart of this arc’s supernatural puppet perpetrators. Of course, I hope our little heroine has solved the case, but know how to add twists and curveballs to the mixture of fact and fiction. Rating: ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 Season 2 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. ss-2023-02-12-20_34_27 Steve on Twitter. Please send him any good photos you find of Kotoko wearing a funny hat. Otherwise, catch him talking trash and treasure this week in Anime.



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