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In/Specter Season 2 ‒ Episode 21

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ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38© Kyo Shirodaira, Chasiba Katase, KODANSHA / “In/Spectre” production committee you can’t Accused Qinzi of not enjoying herself. It’s not even part of her mission, but somewhere in between her daydreams of finger-tapping in the bathtub, she coaxes two rich jerks into confessing to attempted murder. She’s an average Columbus. If she’s at the command of actual law enforcement, she’d be pretty scary, so maybe it’s for the best that she’s preoccupied with the paranormal issue. In fact, that’s probably why she’s visibly annoyed at having to deal with the current case. While it’s ultimately for the benefit of her fellow yokai, much of what she’s doing here is bringing together a group of conservative nobles in a way that appeases their family patriarch. So it’s no surprise that the episode strays so far from its main goal. The story of is always Tensions are prone to tangents – that’s either their appeal or their poison, depending on how you look at the series. Here, though, I wonder how much of this stems from Kotoko trying to entertain herself in a job she can’t get out of. It’s something we can all understand, even if we never have to worry about faking solutions to cold cases. ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 On the face of it, the episode laid the groundwork, so the assembled three An heir can begin drafting work on their solution to the Goichi mystery. We see them discuss inheritance independently of their father’s wishes and outline what they did on the day of the murder, so they have a full picture of how their alibi must affect their story. However, in fact What it’s doing here is giving us a more complete picture of the Otonashi family. In the previous episode, we only had the words of Elder Goichi to continue. There are many details he could have omitted, forgotten or not known. The involvement of Susumu, Koya, and Rion gives us a glimpse into the three branches of the family and, more importantly, how the three of them conspired to murder their mother. ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 This is also an interesting twist. The whole reason Goichi put this song and dance together was to teach his kids that murder is wrong. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson most people try to instill in their offspring much earlier, and in this case, it looks like he was a little too late. They all wanted to kill their mom already! Everyone including Goichi is so detached from it. It’s not entirely surprising that crime is so far from what it is now, but I wonder if it’s not comments on the sociopathic baseline of the ruling class. While Rion is the only one who’s very sad, it’s hard to tell if she’s more disturbed by what she’s hearing, or that Kotoko put her in this situation. ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 It is also possible that Goichi knew about his child’s murder plot in advance. He could have arranged this little party for the purpose of drying their dirty laundry. Maybe he wants his kids to experience their own redemption, or maybe he has more nefarious motives. It’s also entirely possible that he arranged for his wife’s murder in order to beat (or stab) his child. If he heard that all three of them were planning to leave her at the same time, then maybe he got his hands dirty to protect theirs, a twisted kind of fatherly protection. Whatever the case may be, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there are ways to fix their crappy mom problems other than willful murder. ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 However, in a twisted sense, one could also argue that the conspiracy Killing their matriarch was an event that successfully united a family torn apart by internal power struggles. The two rival brothers managed to put their differences aside. A married couple trusts each other completely. Leon is the weirdo here, so no matter the resolution of this arc, I doubt it will revolve around her. Perhaps she’s the generation Goichi cares most about getting “information,” so her distaste for the whole program might be the last point. No matter what happens next in this story, this episode piles wicked complexity on top of an already convoluted setup. This is rich man’s peak drama. If I were Kotoko, I’d also be listening to this like a Greek god, relaxing and eating grapes from the vine. Rating: ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 Additional Japanese lessons Season 2 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. ss-2023-03-06-22_36_38 Steve on Twitter. Please send him any good photos you find of Kotoko wearing a funny hat. Otherwise, catch him talking trash and treasure this week in Anime.



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