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In “Tár”, Noémie Merlant solves the problem

after – After a director’s sabbatical, filmmaker Todd Field returns with his third feature film and the most talked-about film of the year: The Stunning and Masterful Tár(​​. The screenplay for the film is star Cate Blanchett, who puts on perhaps the best performance of her career as world-renowned conductor Lydia Tal. However, her company was fine, joining a magnetic all-female ensemble that included Portrait of a Lady on Fire star Noémie Merlant. The French actor takes her quiet intensity to the extreme, playing Francesca, Lydia’s personal assistant, herself an aspiring conductor who helps shape the psychological thriller’s devastating arc.

The story unfolds over a whirlwind of three weeks as two major events take place in Lydia’s life: Mahler’s Fifth Symphony Delaying the show and the release of her memoir, a book titled Tar on Tar . As the film opens and preparations begin, Lydia, dressed in an elegant, understated hand-cut suit with a comb-back turban, has her competent assistant by her side—an artist enjoying hard-earned success, riding a private Images of the plane trip where she conducts a large orchestra from her home in Berlin and meets with her publisher and the head of her mentorship program in New York. But nothing in Field’s films — biopics of fictional characters, Blanchett films without passion, #MeToo stories without a clear morality — shouldn’t be taken at face value.



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