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In the square, MSK and the Valentino Association held their autumn party

Last night at the iconic Plaza Hotel, the MSK Society hosted their annual fall party, generously sponsored by Valentino for the seventh year in a row, in honor of Sloan Kettering Pediatrics and Adolescent and Adolescent Fertility Conservation raised a key funding fund.

Celebrating the Society’s long history of supporting patient care and research in Memorial Sloan Kettering with Krista Corl, Breanna Khoury, Kimberly Nemser, Marisa Rose Van Chair Bokhorst and Joint Committee Chair Gillian Hearst. Partygoers enter from the lobby of the square, pass the famous tea room, and arrive at the grand ballroom on the third floor of the hotel. Under the glittering chandeliers, attendees entered a ballroom transformed by Ron Wendt Designs in a huge fall arrangement. Guests enjoyed an exquisite three-course dinner accompanied by delicious champagne and wine.

Attendees include Wes Gorden, Paul Arnhold, Ivy Getty, Charlotte Groeneveld, Lili Buffett, Lilah Ramzi and many more. This year’s funding was presented by Dr. Darren Feldman and cancer survivor Jay Erikson. Erickson spoke to viewers about his harrowing journey from his sudden diagnosis and his decision to remain fertile while coping with intensive treatment. Guests were moved to tears by the news of the Ericksons’ successful pregnancy journey, the birth of their lovely daughter Juniper and Jay’s cancer remission. Afterwards, attendees pulled out their pockets to support helping cancer patients access the funds necessary to pay for fertility preservation procedures in their already life-threatening battle with various forms of cancer.

“In order to cure cancer, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy can crush this dream and cause long-term infertility, it all depends About the type of cancer and the type of treatment needed. More than 50% of patients will be inferred after treatment,” said Dr. Darren Feldman. After the live donation auction was completed, DJ Twilo took to the stage to kick off a dance night to celebrate the renewed hope.



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