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Ina Garten's new cookbook is almost as easy-going as she is

By Ina Garten’s own admission, she no longer has a strict definition of what she calls “dinner.” It started during the pandemic: Tired of cooking and cleaning as often as the rest of us, she started leaning towards dishes that were made faster, with fewer pans, or barely cooked. (As Garten herself famously said: “Store-bought is good.” )

All the while, she writes about her th recipe. This emerging culinary ethos is starting to seep in: Garten finds himself including more one-pot recipes; toying with the breakfast-for-lunch idea; adding more leftovers; and developing recipes that can be served at any time of the day Light, easy to arrange dishes.

result? Go to dinner, by Clarkson Potter today. There’s Tuscan White Bean Soup, which can be prepared ahead of time and reheated anytime, or with chicken and orzo (one of Garten’s favorites) in a pot to feed the family in one dish. The self-described “double-serving” recipe uses leftovers from the previous serving: Make a vanilla pound cake, then a few days later, serve the leftover slices with fresh strawberry rhubarb for breakfast.

And many more plates: Garten version of platters, mostly no-cook ingredients. The Farmer’s Lunch Board includes honey-baked ham, eggs, bolognese, cheddar and more, while the appetizer board spreads teach people how to execute Italian food classics.

Forward After the book was released, Vogue on new cookbooks, old cookbooks and that Viral internationalization.

Fashion: What is your go-to dinner?

Ina Garten: I think it’s you Want something to make over and over because it’s easy, delicious, and really satisfying.

You wrote in the introduction how the pandemic has affected the cookbook. How did that event change the way you think about cooking?

Everything just got harder – just like everyone. I’m making a cookbook for Instagram every day, I’m writing a cookbook, [and] in the middle of everything else, I’m making breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. We don’t know if we’ll be buying more groceries. We don’t know if we can go to the restaurant or order. At some point, I just got turned off. I’m totally exhausted cooking. I thought, “Well, I really have to change the way I cook to do this.”



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